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Bloggers and freelancer writers are quite similar in terms of what they do and how they work. They both write articles to earn money, and they write mostly for an online audience. However, there’s always the question: which of these two ventures is more profitable? Here, we’ll discuss both options and which one is a better way to make money.


A blog is simply a website that contains the experiences and opinions of a writer or group of writers. They are usually expressed in the form of text, images or videos. Blogging refers to the act of maintaining and adding new articles to a blog. Most bloggers say they started blogging as a means of expressing their thoughts and views through blog posts. This expression could be about politics, hobbies, religion, fashion, relationships, products or even personal routines of the blogger.

Bloggers earn money by monetizing their blog; most bloggers prefer affiliate marketing. Others use pay-per-click ads or even rent out part of their blog space to advertisers. They may also sell their own products and services on the blog as a means of earning some money.

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One distinctive thing about bloggers is that they write about things in which they have profound knowledge. They write about their expertise, and there are various tools and services that a blogger can use to create excellent posts.

Upsides of Blogging

  • Long-term source of income: Blogging can be a good source of passive income over the long run. The avenues for making money are also diverse. To start a blog, you need to set it up initially and then maintain it consistently. If the quality of the blog posts is high it attracts loyal readership, which helps ensure constant income over the long run once your site is monetized.

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