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Social Media Marketing

The term “Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the act of increasing the attention of a product or event via various social media platforms and communities that are designed to draw the attention of the public. There are a variety of social media channels that include websites of community update and bookmaking. Also, it includes social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogging sites, and video sharing websites. SEO (Search engine Optimization) as well as SMO (Search media Optimization) have the same purpose of driving traffic to the site in question as well as the re-branding of the website and making it more visible to a wider audience.

ADC have Best SMO Experts?

Ahmad Digital is a trustworthy name in the world that deals with social advertising. We strive to provide efficient social marketing services that allow you connect with your customers, communicate with them and, most importantly, convince them to buy your product, and build the foundation of trust.

Operative Tactics

We design our strategies according to the requirements of our customers. We do not just decide on the content, but also the right timing to share the content. Ahmad digital strive to improve the performance of your business, we implement changes in your strategies when necessary to combat the strategies of your competitors.

Content Advertisement

We will market your content to targeted clients with the highest likelihood of purchase. Advertise your brand on various online channels. We fully understand your product’s marketing goals, and based on those, we choose the top social media platforms and implement our best practices on these platforms.


In recent times, Facebook has grown in importance. It boasts more than 1 billion active users and the number keeps growing. It’s a platform which will help merchants promote their product and bring massive traffic to their websites.


An estimate of the number indicates that there are over 261 million active Twitter users around the world. We guarantee that you have an Twitter account that’s unique and your customers are being watched all the time by observing the activity of your account.


Around 50 percent of brands that sell tangible products make use of Instagram to promote their products. We create posts, stories and other content that is interactive. This helps in promoting your brand and helps you increase the sales.